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  • Issue stage: Seeds of service project

    The time for your club members to complete the seeds of service family project (included in the club renewal kit) is almost here. But first, the club needs to continue completing the service project investigation process. There are three stages to including youth in the investigation process of planning a service project: the inspiration stage, issue stage and vision stage. In the February edition of the K-Kids newsletter, you learned about the inspiration stage and how to help your students find their passion for a cause that would benefit from a service project. It is now time for the issue stage where K-Kids members research the cause or service project selected. Here is an activity to help you lead your club members through this stage. 

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  • The investigation process of a service project

    Involving your club members in the full planning process for a service project can create a big impact and will encourage them to become service leaders. Before executing a service project, have your members engage in the investigation process of a service project. Let’s review the three stages included in the investigation process. 

    The inspiration stage is when youth find their passion for a cause that would benefit from a service project. To help students in this stage, start asking these types of questions: What do you care about? What matters most to you? What can we do to make a difference? What type of service project should we do? Who will our service benefit? It is perfectly okay if your members cannot answer all of these questions because they will be researching these questions more fully in the next stage of the investigation process. 

    The issue stage is when K-Kids members research the cause or service project selected. They need to have a good understanding of the problem or the cause. This is where they can interview professionals, talk to individuals in need and read about the issue to discover what’s currently being done. During this stage, youth begin to fully understand why their service project can be beneficial to the cause and why it is important for them to be involved with the cause.

    The third and final stage of the investigation process is vision. During this stage, youth devise a plan on how they can make the most significant impact. They will need to use what they learned in the issue stage to help them develop a vision. They should answer questions such as: What is currently being done for this cause? Can we join other volunteers or service projects to make a difference? Or, is it better to come up with a new project? How can we inspire others to join us?

    Engaging K-Kids members in this initial stage of a service project will inspire the members. They will be more closely connected to the core issues they are addressing, and they will be more invested in the success of the project. When the project is complete, and you reflect back on this initial stage, you can help club members identify how they strengthened their leadership skills through the process.

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  • Contest entries: There’s still time!

    Two weeks left! The deadline to turn in your club’s contest submissions to your district administrator is April 1st. Show off your talented club members and your club’s success by entering into the K-Kids contests. Get all of the contest details, including contest categories, rules and entry information from the contest booklet.  District winners will then be judged by Kiwanis International. Winners of the international judging will receive one or more of the following: medallions, certificate or trophy. Good luck!

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  • Electing new officers

    April is the ideal time to elect new club officers for the next school year. In March club meetings, begin talking about the responsibilities of the club officers and ask members if they are interested in running for a position. Hold the election in April so that the new club officers have time to meet with the outgoing club officers and start learning and preparing for their new role. For more resources on how to hold an election, see pages 32-39 of the K-Kids & Builders Club advisor guide.

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  • Plan your Kiwanis One Day project

    Each year, all members of the Kiwanis family are encouraged to serve together on Kiwanis One Day. This year, Kiwanis One Day is Saturday, April 11, so mark your calendars and start planning your projects! The goal of Kiwanis One Day is to team up with as many members of the Kiwanis family as possible to work on a service project. There are no rules or restrictions, so be creative! 

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  • Start planning for Eliminate Week 2015

    Eliminate Week is May 4–8. Kiwanis-family clubs and members around the globe are using this week to focus on raising funds and awareness for The Eliminate Project: Kiwanis’ campaign to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus.

    Whether your club hosts a penny war or coordinates a week of “spirit days,” every K-Kids club, Builders Club, Key Club and Aktion Club is needed to participate. The time to start planning your fundraising project is now, and we’ve made it easy:

    • A step-by-step guide will help your club plan, implement and celebrate your event.

    • We’ve outlined simple fundraising ideas to make it easy for you to choose your event.

    • If your club participates, the club is eligible for fundraising recognition and a 2015 Eliminate Week patch.

    • Get your sponsoring Kiwanis club involved. Double your lifesaving impact and earn the Unity Award for your Kiwanis club and the 1K recognition for your own club. 
    Check out all of the great resources

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  • Spread happiness on Friday, March 20

    Friday, March 20 is the International Day of Happiness and K-Kids is teaming up with Key Club and Project Happiness to celebrate.

    Why is happiness important? Happy people are healthier, more resilient and kinder to others. The good news is that we all have the ability to become happier. Science says we can re-wire our brains for happiness by conducting specific practices, so let's begin! 

    Select a "Spreading happiness" activity to do during the week of March 16 – 20. Then post photos and comments about the outcome of your activity on the K-Kids Facebook page Friday, March 20, the International Day of Happiness.

    Spread a little happiness

    Happiness Wall
    Hang butcher paper the length of a wall in a main corridor or in the cafeteria. Provide students with Post-it notes and markers. Each student writes what makes him/her happy on the Post-lt note and places it on the butcher paper.

    Happiness Garland
    During lunch in the cafeteria, provide each student with markers and an 8 ½ x 11 inch blank sheet of paper. Each student is asked to draw what makes him/her happy. Hang a length of rope from end of a wall to another in a prominent area. Use clothes pins, paper clips or tape to attach finished drawings to the rope.

    Gratitude Tree
    Hang butcher paper in a prominent area. Recruit K-Kids members to draw a tree trunk with branches on the paper. The tree should be drawn without leaves. Use green construction paper to cut out the shape of leaves. Cut enough leaves for each student at school. During each lunch hour distribute leaf cut-outs and markers to students. Each student is asked to write down one thing for which he/she feels grateful. After writing on the leaf, each student tapes his/her leaf to the tree. Watch as the leaves of gratitude fill the branches of the tree.

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  • Bowling Green K-Kids Serve at Pancake Breakfast

    Officers & members of the Bowling Green K-Kids joined other East Meadow Kiwanis sponsored SLPs serving pancakes at EMK’s annual pancake breakfast. Despite losing an hour of sleep due to the changeover to Daylight Savings Time, the K-Kids were up early and enthusiastic to seat guests, take orders and clean tables for the continuously full cafeteria.

    The K-Kids were also excited to meet the morning’s special guest, Camren Bicondova. Camren is the delightful 15 yr old actress and dancer who plays Selina Kyle (aka Catwoman) on TV’s hit series Gotham. Camren graciously signed autographs, posed for photos and served pancakes alongside the K-Kids, Builders Clubbers, Key Clubbers and Aktion Clubbers.

    Newly re-elected K-Kids President Sophia Passariello not only enjoyed serving food with her Key Club partner KPTC Service Leadership Committee Chair Nicole Hallettt but also enjoyed her pancake breakfast break.

    K-Kids Faculty Advisor Lt. Governor Rich Santer, who is currently on medical leave from school, was thrilled to see the club officers are continuing to support their sponsoring club even though K-Kids meetings have been suspended until a replacement advisor can be found by the school.

    East Meadow Kiwanis President Kevin Kamper was thrilled by the support of the SLP officers at every level and made a point to thank each and every one.

    The pancake breakfast assists the East Meadow Kiwanis Club fund their scholarships for graduating high school seniors and supports the clubs other community service activities.

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