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How to renew your K-Kids club

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How do I renew my K-Kids club for 2023-24?
The renewal process is a multi-step process. Before Kiwanis International will mail a Program Kit, the sponsoring Kiwanis club MUST pay the renewal fee for its K-Kids club(s) and submit information listed in the steps below. The invoice for the club will appear under the Finance tab at the top of the secretary dashboard beginning August 1. 

The sponsoring Kiwanis club secretary should:  

  1. K-Kids club advisors discuss and provide information. The club’s Kiwanis advisor and faculty advisor should discuss the approximate number of K-Kids club members they anticipate for the 2023-24 school year and the address to which the program kit should be mailed. The Kiwanis advisor should pass the member count, address and any change in faculty advisor(s) along to the Kiwanis club secretary before the beginning of the school year. 

  2. The sponsoring Kiwanis club secretary will:

  • Contact the Kiwanis advisor to receive updated 2023-24 information for the K-Kids Club.

  • Log into the Secretary Dashboard at In the secretary dashboard, under Sponsorships, select the “pencil” icon located next to each K-Kids Club that the Kiwanis club sponsors. 

  • Update the K-Kids club information. Confirm or update the membership count.  

  • Update the mailing address. Verify or update the mailing address to which the membership materials should be shipped.

  • Repeat these steps for each K-Kids club that the club sponsors. 

What will I receive in the K-Kids program kit?
The program kit includes guides for the advisors, officers and members and essential tools for club activities throughout the year. Learn more about the items included in each renewal kit by visiting the advisor page and scrolling down to view club resources.  

What if I need more materials or have questions?
If your K-Kids club has more members than provided in the member kit, supplemental kits can be ordered starting September 1 through the Kiwanis club’s secretary dashboard or from the Kiwanis International Member Services team at 317-875-8755 (worldwide) or 800-KIWANIS, ext. 411 (USA and Canada) or e-mail . Additional kits cost US$25 and include member materials for 30 members. Payment must be received before additional kits will be shipped. 

What if I encounter issues when renewing online?
Contact the Kiwanis International Member Services team at 317-875-8755 (worldwide) or 800-KIWANIS, ext. 411 (USA and Canada) or e-mail . We’ll work with you to complete the registration process. 

Thank you for supporting K-Kids!