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K-Kids Surveys for Members and Advisors 

Complete Beginning-Of-Year Member Surveys

Your K-Kids club members can share what they expect from the club, the service needs that interest them and more by completing a beginning-of-year survey between Friday, September 15 and Friday, October 20Access the survey here.

Clubs that complete surveys will be entered in a drawing to win a US$25 Amazon gift card. Read this newsletter’s article, “What we learned from surveys about last year’s K-Kids clubs” to see what members and advisors told us.

We appreciate you!

Thank you for agreeing to serve as a K-Kids advisor. Your involvement is crucial to the success of K-Kids. And you have various sources of support. Volunteers within the district, known as K-Kids district administrators, are available to answer questions. Additionally, member services staff at Kiwanis International headquarters are also ready to help—they’re just an e-mail or phone call away!

Phone: 1-800-Kiwanis, ext. 411

Online Advisor Education

2023-24 Scheduled Check-in Chats / Webinars

New Advisor Crash Course: Learn about faculty and Kiwanis advisor responsibilities and tools for planning and keeping track of key tasks. Learn how to use the new K-Kids club guides to optimize students’ learning, leadership and service experiences. And bring your questions about K-Kids and the work of advising!  

  • K-Kids Monday, October 2, 7 p.m., ET:  REGISTER

Experienced Advisor Refresher: Review faculty and Kiwanis advisor responsibilities and learn how to use the new K-Kids club member, advisor, and service guides. Bring your questions and be ready to share tips on what works for you and your members.

  • K-Kids Tuesday, October 3, 7 p.m., ET:  REGISTER

How to’s of service planning and implementation: Learn how to connect the activities in the new K-Kids club member and service guides to make the most meaningful experiences for your students. Hear how to earn points for your Annual Achievement Report by using the four steps of high-impact service.

  • K-Kids Wednesday, November 8, 7 p.m., ET:  REGISTER

Additional education opportunities

Virtual club meeting tools

Recorded Check-in Chats / Webinars

Advisor Reflections & Sharing Check-in Chat

Advisor Awards and Recognition Check-in Chat

Advisor Season of Giving webinar

K-Kids Kickoff the Year webinars


Faculty advisor

Each K-Kids club has a faculty advisor chosen from the faculty, staff or administration of the school. The faculty advisor works closely with both the K-Kids club and the sponsoring Kiwanis club. The faculty advisor is familiar with the school’s procedures and acts as liaison between the K-Kids club, Kiwanis club and school administration.

If the K-Kids club is a community-based club, then a staff person from the facility should fill this role.

Kiwanis advisor

The Kiwanis advisor’s role is to initiate organization of a K-Kids club in accordance with guidelines provided by Kiwanis International, obtain the approval of school officials for its establishment as a school organization, recruit initial members, schedule the organizational meeting, file the Petition for Charter, plan for the charter presentation event and after the club is fully operating, provide continuous coordination, counsel and assistance. The Kiwanis advisor is also responsible for conducting K-Kids club officers training to incoming leadership.

Optional parent advisor

The parent advisor provides support to the faculty advisor and club members. The parent advisor can assist the K-Kids club by reaching out to the school’s Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) or Parent Teacher Association (PTA), educating the parent groups about K-Kids and suggesting ways the K-Kids club and parent groups can work together.

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