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  • Icebreaker activity

    At your first club meeting, have your members introduce themselves and get to know each other through this fun activity. Make a copy of the table tent template for each club member. Have the club members write their first names in large font on the table tent. Then ask them to decorate their table tent by drawing pictures that describe them. For example, a drawing of books could mean that the person likes to read. Then have each member stand up to introduce themselves by sharing and explaining their drawings.

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  • Planning the year’s service projects

    Encourage your club members to start brainstorming service project ideas for the year. Suggest that they interview others to get a better idea of what service projects are needed in the school and community. The service project interview guide lists helpful questions to ask and who club members might want to interview.

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  • Eliminate Week: It's not too late to save lives

    Through The Eliminate Project, the Kiwanis family is changing the world. Kiwanis Service Leadership Programs have raised more than US$3,084,121 to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus. If your K-Kids club put the “fun” in fundraising during Eliminate Week, there’s still time to send in your lifesaving donations and be recognized.

    K-Kids clubs have united with all Kiwanis-family members and UNICEF to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus from the face of the earth through The Eliminate Project. Kiwanis Service Leadership Programs have raised more than US$3,084,121 as of August 3, 2014. Pat yourselves on the back for all of your great work! Every US$1.80 donated will save or protect one woman and her future babies.

    Your K-Kids club was encouraged to raise funds and awareness during Eliminate Week in May. If your club participated, you can still submit funds and be recognized by following these two easy and important steps before September 1:

    1. Send in your donation. Use The Eliminate Project gift form for Kiwanis-family members. Remember to include your club number and name so you can receive proper credit and request recognition items.
    2. Get recognized. Tell us about your project by completing this easy form to receive a participation patch for your club.

    Now is also a great time to start planning for Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF 2014:
    • If your K-Kids club participated in Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF in 2012 or 2013, a box of supplies will be shipped by September 15. Here is a list of clubs who will be receiving supplies. If your club is not on this list, you can order them from the Kiwanis store by the end of September.
    • Your club can easily raise money for Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF without going door-to-door. Consider hosting a cornhole tournament or pumpkin pie bake-off for donations. Start planning the fun. Find fundraising ideas, information on how to submit funds and how to earn a banner patch at
    Breaking news: We just announced a new opportunity for Kiwanis clubs to support the fundraising efforts of their K-Kids club.Ask your local and/or sponsoring Kiwanis club to match your funds raised for The Eliminate Project and be eligible for the Unity Award (US$500 or more). You will double your lifesaving impact and make a difference together! More details at

    Questions? Contact Thank you again for your generous support. You’re making a difference!

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  • This month’s checklist

    Here are a few back-to-school reminders.
    • Hold a meeting between both the Kiwanis and faculty advisors to set expectations for the year.
    • Have a meeting with the club officers to start making plans for the club.
    • Meet with your school principal to go over this year’s plans and goals for the club.

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  • Seeds of service

    This year’s theme for K-Kids is “Seeds of Service.” Through service projects, club members will plant the seeds of service in their school and community—and grow as leaders. This theme will be carried out in the materials in your program kit, and it will be the inspiration for activity ideas featured in this year’s advisor e-newsletters. Hopefully you’ll be inspired to integrate “Seeds of Service” into your club’s activities and even share the theme with parents.

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