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  • Celebrate the family during Kiwanis Family Month

    Celebrate the family during Kiwanis Family Month

    November is Kiwanis Family Month. What will your club do to let everyone know how great it is to be a Kiwanian?

    There are so many things you can do in November to celebrate the shared values of the entire Kiwanis family. Your club could:

    ● Plan a joint service project with members of your sponsored Service Leadership Programs—or charter a new one
    Promote The Eliminate Project in your club and in your community
    ● Invite a new member (or members!) to join your club

    And don’t forget to show your Kiwanis pride! Update your gear at the Kiwanis Store, tell everyone about your good works using public relations ideas and hang a Kiwanis club sign in your meeting place or at your town’s entrance. During Kiwanis Family Month in November, appreciate your Kiwanis family—and all the amazing work we do for your community and the children of the world.

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  • The October K-Kids Advisory Newsletter is here

    The October K-Kids Advisory Newsletter is available online. This newsletter is produced monthly for club advisors. It includes community service project ideas, fundraising ideas, and much, much more. Don't stop after reading October's newsletter, take a few minutes to look over past issues

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  • Boost your club’s sponsorships with toolkit tips..

    Corporate sponsorships can bring additional financial resources, heightened community awareness and increased membership to your club. The new sponsorship toolkit, complete with downloadable resources, can help you to start or expand your Kiwanis-family club's sponsorship program.

    The sponsorship toolkit includes proposal templates and information that will help all Kiwanis-family clubs tap into the power of sponsorship. You will learn how to:

    ● Inventory your club’s marketable assets
    ● Price your event offerings
    ● Seek corporate support and develop long-term relationships with sponsors

    Sponsorships benefit everyone: Your club gets more funds and your sponsors enjoy the benefits of associating with Kiwanis, a local and international organization respected for its impact in the community. Begin today with the Kiwanis Sponsorship Toolkit.

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  • Bowling Green and McVey K-Kids Jointly Complete Governor’s Project

    Spanning over 6 months from the original idea to its final unveiling, the Bowling Green and McVey K-Kids celebrated their completion of Kiwanis Governor Al Norato’s Governors Project promoting literacy by holding the Grand Opening of their Little Free Library on September 26, 2013.

    The Bowling Green and McVey K-Kids Little Free Library was placed on the Pediatrics Unit of the Nassau University Medical Center thanks to the support of NUMC Kiwanis Club President Linda Walsh.

    The K-Kids’ Little Free Library differs from a traditional library in that books may be borrowed and read but need not be returned. The Little Free Library encourages pediatric patients and visitors to take home the books and keep them. Patients and others may also donate books to the library for the enjoyment of other children.

    This extended project began after the K-Kids learned of the Little Free Library Program online at After doing a little research into the program, the K-Kids began the process of securing funds to purchase a Little Free Library. As she often does, LISC Kiwanis Lt. Governor-Designate Ann Torcivia made a generous donation from the Joey Foundation for the purchase of the Little Free Library.

    Next, the K-Kids were given templates of each of the Little Free Library’s sides and roof and were asked to submit their design ideas. The K-Kids’ designs were handed off to the Nassau University Medical Center’s art therapists who beautifully combined them and painted the Little Free Library.

    Thanks to book donations from many sources, including a very generous donation arranged by Bethpage Central Park Kiwanis Club President Joanne Foley, the Little Free Library was unveiled with a surplus of books.

    At the Grand Opening, Bowling Green K-Kids DIPP Kira, Club President Aline and McVey K-Kids President Zack presented the Governor’s Project Banner Patch Request Form to LISC Divisional Governors Project Chair DPLG Warren Kalmanson. After the official unveiling, the K-Kids members in attendance stocked the Little Free Library with a selection of new books and free bookmarks.

    Bowling Green K-Kids Faculty Advisor Lt. Governor-Elect Rich Santer and McVey K-Kids Kiwanis Advisor Carla Vultaggio enjoyed having the two clubs work together. The advisors hope that the K-Kids can continue working together to host read-alouds for patients and other projects to maintain the Little Free Library.

    The K-Kids are excitingly waiting to receive their Governor’s Project Banner patches.

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  • NATIONAL SAVE DAY ~ October 23, 2013

    The National Association of Students Against Violence Everywhere (SAVE) invites you to participate in National SAVE Day! Mark your calendars for this important event to take place on October 23, 2013. This event occurs annually during the third full week in October during America’s Safe Schools Week.

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  • Help youth clubs Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF

    Make sure the youth in your area are collecting coins instead of candy this Halloween through Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF. Partner with your sponsored K-Kids, Builders Club, Key Club, CKI and Aktion Club members to maximize their efforts and funds raised. Help them plan a fundraiser, distribute Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF collection boxes and get excited about participating. Plus, make sure they send in their hard-earned funds by December 31.

    Just like the past two years—when Kiwanis-family clubs collected more than US$1.1 million—funds raised by clubs will benefit The Eliminate Project. This is an amazing way for kids to help kids and have fun doing it.

    Share this special message from Caryl Stern, President and CEO of the U.S. Fund for UNICEF with your club members and connect with the Service Leadership Programs in your district. Mothers and babies around the world are counting on the Kiwanis family—and you.

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  • Foundation grant deadline nears

    When you give to the Kiwanis International Foundation, you extend your Kiwanis impact by helping to fund the grants our foundation provides. The November 15 deadline to have your grant application reviewed at the February board meeting is fast approaching!

    All Kiwanis-family clubs, districts and district foundations can submit a grant application. Increase your chances of receiving a grant by making sure your application:

    ● Fully answers all required questions and includes a balanced project budget and all other requested documentation—no more, no less
    ● Explains how your club is contributing both financial resources and volunteer time to your project
    ● Specifies how your project will affect the lives of kids, especially young children

    Learn more about Kiwanis-family grants and carefully review the application instructions before submitting your application form. Contact Julie Taylor at 1-800-KIWANIS, ext. 159, or via email at with questions.

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  • Meet Kiwanis International President Gunter Gasser

    “This year,” Kiwanis International President Gunter Gasser says of 2013–14, “we are building bridges for children to the future. ‘We’ means it will take teamwork. ‘Build’ stands for result-oriented projects. ‘Bridges’ normally provide a safe path over a difficult crossing. ‘Children,’ of course, are our target group. And the ‘future’ means we’re creating projects with concrete solutions and great sustainability.”

    A lieutenant governor in 1993–94 and Austria District governor in 1999–2000, Gunter Gasser is Kiwanis International president at a time when the organization initiates a five-year strategic plan along with a global campaign for growth. “I don’t like the idea of children not having a future,” he says. “They need our help, and that help comes from the grassroots level: our clubs. To build bridges for these children, we need clubs with strong, healthy memberships. With more hearts and more hands, we can do more for the children of the world.”

    Read more about Kiwanis International President Gunter Gasser in the October 2013 Kiwanis International Magazine.

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  • Fall fun raising funds for The Eliminate Project

    A fundraiser doesn’t have to be huge endeavor. Take advantage of what’s already on your club, family, neighborhood and school schedules this fall to educate and raise funds for The Eliminate Project: Kiwanis eliminating maternal and neonatal tetanus. Your club could:

    Clean out and clean up. Forget “spring” cleaning; when seasons change, old stuff turns up to sell, plus crisper fall temps make sales more shoppable. Find a clear garage, deliver items the week before and gather Saturday to sell it all. Give out brochures, show inspirational videos and charge prices aligned with costs; sell small items for US$1.80 (saves or protects one woman and her future babies), medium for US$5.40 (saves three) and each big-ticket US$180 item saves 100+ lives. Hail shoppers on their deals—and lives saved.

    Rake in the leafy green. You have to do it anyway. Why not get sponsors for every bag you fill with leaves, in your own yard and for others? One bag = US$1.80 and one woman vaccinated. Raking is exercise, it’s eco-friendly and builds community when you and your club’s Service Leadership Programs rake for others at US$18/yard, more than 10 lives saved, plus per bag-sponsorship. Then crown the Leaf King and Leaf Queen at your November meeting.

    Make marshmallow money. At your club’s fall festival, campfire cookout or tailgate, sell US$1.80 pre-made marshmallow-roasting kits in addition to your other regular activities. One kit saves or protects one woman and her future babies. Provide extra supplies for spare change, giving each marshmallow fan a card from the Deck of Inspiration or information on The Eliminate Project to boost awareness.

    You’ll find additional fundraising ideas and more at Don’t forget to share your fall fundraising ideas with us as well as post pictures from your activities on The Eliminate Project Facebook or Twitter accounts.

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