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  • Honor Mom by fighting MNT

    There’s no better gift for Mom on Mother’s Day — or another special woman in your life on International Women’s Day — than saving lives in her honor.

    When you give to The Eliminate Project: Kiwanis eliminating maternal and neonatal tetanus, you can honor your mom, the mother of your children or another special woman by saving or protecting the lives of mothers and babies. Your honoree will receive a postcard informing her of the gift and other recognition items, including a limited edition 2014 Mother’s Day brooch, that coordinate with the amount you give. Through the Mother’s Day Zeller Fellowship Program, a gift of US$1,250 to The Eliminate Project saves or protects more than 690 women and their babies from maternal and neonatal tetanus.

    A mother’s love is an enduring force for good. Spread Mom’s even further by supporting The Eliminate Project. Give now or before June 15 for special Mother’s Day recognition.

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    The March K-Kids Advisory Newsletter is available online. This newsletter is produced monthly for club advisors. It includes community service project ideas, fundraising ideas, and much, much more. Don't stop after reading March's newsletter, take a few minutes to look over past issues.

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  • New fundraising ideas for MNT fight

    Need fresh fundraising ideas to support The Eliminate Project this spring? Show your community that Kiwanis really is all it’s quacked up to be with a duck race or turn spring cleaning into cash with a community garage sale.

    Download Volume 2 of the idea book for The Eliminate Project to find easy fundraising ideas (and encourage your club’s sponsored youth programs to use the SLP idea book, too). Both are helpful tools that can maximize your club’s fundraising efforts to save moms and babies from tetanus. Each project includes a timeline, to-do list, reminders and tips about putting your own twist on the idea.

    What will you and your club do to help raise US$110 million by 2015? Now is the time to plan! And remember to share your club’s creative ideas by sending details to; then others can benefit from your experience, too.

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  • Mark 100 years, starting now

    Get ready to celebrate 100 years of Kiwanis International! The 100th anniversary website with everything you need to make the most of your club’s commemoration is now live.

    At, you’ll find tips about how to prepare for your celebration, learn more about Kiwanis history and feel the pride of belonging to our enduring organization. Plan to make your own history by attending Kiwanis anniversary events throughout the year, and ready yourself to keep serving the children of the world far into the future. Check out the Kiwanis 100th anniversary site now!

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  • Electing new officers

    The school year isn't over quite yet, but it's already time to think about electing new club officers for next year! April is the ideal month to begin the election process. This leaves plenty of time to make a smooth transition from current officers to new ones, which will help your club hit the ground running at the start of next year. Help ensure officers are prepared to take office October 1, 2013. Usually, the election process takes place over the course of three consecutive meetings. Here's a suggested procedure that can be modified to fit the needs of your specific club:
    1. Announce new officer elections, explain the responsibilities for each office, and encourage nominations for each club position. You can find detailed information about each office on page 5 of the K-Kids advisor guide.
    2. At the next meeting, allow candidates to campaign. Set aside time for each candidate to present visions and ideas (their "platform") for the upcoming year.
    3. Hold elections at the third meeting. Conduct by secret ballot. Then share results with the school/site administration and your sponsoring Kiwanis Club.
    Find more information about elections, installation of officers and officer training.

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  • The Family that Serves Together Stays Together

    Kiwanis One DayEach year, all members of the Kiwanis family are encouraged to serve together on Kiwanis One Day. This year, Kiwanis One Day is Saturday, April 5, so mark your calendars and start planning your projects!

    So, who’s part of the Kiwanis family?
    • K-Kids (us!)
    • Builders Club (middle school or junior high students)
    • Key Club (high school students)
    • Circle K International (university students)
    • Aktion Club (adults 18 and older who live with a disability)
    • Kiwanis International (adults 18 and older)
    The goal of Kiwanis One Day is to team up with as many members of the Kiwanis family as possible to work on a service project. There are no rules or restrictions, so be creative! Past Kiwanis One Day projects have included:
    • Sorting food at a food bank or shelter
    • Working at a Habitat for Humanity build site
    • Freshening up the paint on a community building, such as a Boys and Girls Club

    If your club can’t participate on April 5, that’s OK. Simply celebrate Kiwanis One Day on a different day. Want a banner patch for participating, ? All you need to do is request a Kiwanis One Day banner patch. Please note: the banner patches will be mailed around October 1, 2014.  

    It’s a global effort made up of personal commitments. Thousands of Kiwanis-family members around the world will join together for a day of service. For more information about Kiwanis One Day, check out

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  • Love your club? Let the world know!

    There is a lot of love in the world. But there's nothing like a love that makes the world better.

    When you love something — when something really matters to you — you want to share it. You want other people to love it with you. So think about what you love about your Kiwanis club. Then think about what could happen if we all shared our Kiwanis stories.

    Show this short “Let the world know” video at an upcoming club meeting to spread your enthusiasm. It’s an easy way to encourage others to share what they love about Kiwanis. You’ll love the results.

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  • Murder Mystery Dinner supports The Eliminate Project

    A little extra magic was part of this year’s fairy tale-themed Adelphi University Circle K Murder Mystery Dinner for Eliminate as members from four different branches of the Kiwanis family worked together for a common cause. In addition to Circle K members, the cast included Kiwanis, Builders Club, and K-Kids members.

    Five members of the Bowling Green K-Kids club played the Fairies of the Enchanted Woods. The fairies included K-Kids President Aline Asarian, Secretary Elianna Rivera, Director Catherine Posillico and members Samantha Gibson, Trinity Fan and Natacia Huang.

    K-Kids worked with Adelphi Circle K members Julianna Classe and Gabby Smitelli who choreographed the dance.

    “The Adelphi Circle K members are such positive role models for the K-Kids. I was especially impressed by Gabby who led the first rehearsal with the fairies afterschool in my classroom. She was patient, positive and skillfully encouraged the girls to dance their best,” commented K-Kids Faculty Advisor Lt. Governor-Elect Rich Santer.

    The K-Kids were thrilled to be included by the “Big Kids” and were honored to perform with New York District Kiwanis Governor Joe Aiello who played King Edmundus.

    In addition to the roles on stage, the K-Kids also led groups through the evidence rooms and interrogation area.

    By the final reveal of the murderer and curtain close, the Murder Mystery Dinner raised over $4,000 for the Eliminate Project.

    Script author Kiwanis member Rickie Santer, Adelphi Circle K President Sofia Conti and New York District Eliminate Coordinator Sr. Annemaire Kirmse are currently investigating the possibility of taking the Murder Mystery on the road to Fordham. Once finalized, details will be posted on the New York District Kiwanis Website.

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  • Bowling Green K-Kids Sign Global Service Society Commitment

    At their first regular meeting of 2014, the Bowling Green K-Kids welcomed Eliminate Project Speakers Bureau Member New York CKI Distinguished Past Governor Rickie Santer. Rickie was invited to make a presentation on becoming a Model Club after the K-Kids earned Gold Club status in the Global Service Society at the Kiwanis Service Leadership Programs level in 2013.

    Following Rickie’s presentation, K-Kids President Aline Asarian asked for a motion to have the club commit to achieving Bronze Level Model Club status at the Kiwanis Level. The motion was seconded and the discussion focused on the members’ desire to continuing supporting the Eliminate Project.  

    To be a Bronze Level Model Club in the Global Service Society a club must commit to donating $350 per member to the Eliminate Project over the next five years. All previous donations are counted towards the club’s total. The Bowling Green K-Kids has 34 members which means they must raise $11,900 to meet the new goal. Bowling Green K-Kids have already donated $7,000.

    With $600 ready to send to the Kiwanis International Foundation, the K-Kids need to raise $4,300 more to achieve the new goal.

    K-Kids Treasurer Tara Connolly hopes that by dedicating all the proceeds of the club’s annual Talent Show to the Eliminate Project, the club may surpass their goal before the end of this school year.

    In their report to their sponsoring Kiwanis Club, the K-Kids included a “Challenge Dollar” to East Meadow Kiwanis President Jim Smith and his club.

    “If 9, 10 & 11 year olds can become a Bronze Level Model Club at the Kiwanis Level, we challenge you to do the same or even more,” dared K-Kids President Aline.

    Bowling Green’s Faculty Advisor and Kiwanis Lieutenant Governor Elect Rich Santer is proud of his club. “My K-Kids members are passionate about helping eliminate Maternal Neonatal Tetanus from our world. They have thought this through and have a plan. They set achievable goals, exceed them and, move on to set an even higher goal,” he explained.

    “I think these kids have a system that will encourage more Kiwanis clubs to be model clubs. You don’t have to start by committing at the Gold Level. Start by committing at the Bonze or Silver level, achieve that level and then commit at the next level if your club can,” Santer continued.

    “I think we will achieve the Bronze level this year, the President after me will try for Silver,” predicted President Aline.

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  • Youth protection online training

    New Kiwanis Youth Protection Guidelines took effect October 1, requiring clubs to educate members, request background checks and report troubling behavior to the proper authorities. Now there’s online training to make protecting the 300,000 kids in our care much easier.

    Club leaders who plan to instruct club members about the Youth Protection Guidelines can use this online training to get the background they need to answer questions. The online module, similar to those used by club officers to learn about their positions, also can bring members up to speed who are not able to attend the club training in person.

    Find this and other youth protection resources at or contact the Kiwanis member services team at 1-800-KIWANIS, ext. 411, and at for details.

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