The Annual Achievement Report, due April 1, gives K-Kids clubs a way to earn a Distinguished Club or Honor Club award by earning points for doing — and providing evidence of — recommended service and leadership activities for officers, members and clubs. 

Examples of these activities include: 

  • The club has elected officers. 
  • The club president leads meetings. 
  • Members have completed activities from the Member Guide, and the advisor has completed the “Quick Start Guide” (pages 2-3 of the Advisor Guide. 
  • Members went through activities to identify and use their talents. 
  • Members participated in donation drives. 
  • Members learned about community issues and needs from experts or organizations. 

To get started: 

  1. Review the Annual Achievement Report with officers and club members. 
  2. Make sure you have photo release forms completed for all club members. 
  3. Identify the activities your club has already completed this year. 
  4. Determine what other activities need to be completed before the end of March. 
  5. Consider asking a few members or the club secretary to be responsible for keeping track of progress toward completion of the Annual Achievement Report and gathering evidence of completed activities. 

The reports must be submitted online by April 1