The Kiwanis Service Leadership Programs’ Culture of Care initiative provides members with training and resources to be leaders in their school by preventing bullying, reducing incidences of violence, understanding healthy relationships, understanding how to establish and share personal boundaries and much more. Take a moment to view previously recorded webinar question-and-answer sessions focused on bullying prevention strategies, youth protection and Culture of Care:

If you’re not sure about collaborating with Key Club and Circle K International, consider this: K-Kids has access to partnering organizations by working with both groups. Erika’s Lighthouse, a Key Club partner, empowers students to change the world by providing mental health resources teachers can use to educate young people about adolescent depression. Erika’s Lighthouse also offers resources specifically for elementary students. 

Connecting with district leadership is easy: 

  1. Find the Key Club and/or Circle K International district website page located that corresponds with your K-Kids district. 
  2. Connect with district leadership and inquire about collaborating on bullying prevention awareness projects.  
  3. The district can connect you with Key Clubs and CKI clubs in your area. 
  4. Research K-Kids bullying prevention resources to prepare for future discussions with Key Club and Circle K International.