Last October we launched our Homecoming initiative. With the pandemic continuing, we knew it would be difficult for many of our clubs to come back and begin meeting and serving again. The launch of Homecoming provided a suite of resources to assist clubs with service, leadership and connecting. Our leaders found new partners and new opportunities to strengthen all of our clubs and programs.  

Thanks to the enthusiastic response to Homecoming, we are pleased to announce that we saw outstanding growth in 2021-2022 across all five Service Leadership Programs. We appreciate everyone who found a way to keep service and leadership programs thriving in your schools and communities.  

This year we have big goals and exciting new program developments to share. We are thrilled to announce new partnerships with UNICEF that will support two projects in Africa. Our members will be able to channel their energy and passion to help UNICEF improve the lives of youth in Côte d’Ivoire and Zambia.  

We also have new marketing and recruitment videos for all of our school-based programs — including K-Kids! 

Thank you for your membership and commitment to Kiwanis Youth Programs and SLPs. We are over 300,000 strong, working together to serve and lead. Collectively we provide over a million hours of service each year as we tackle critical issues such as water scarcity, hunger, environmental issues, access to education and more. You are all not just future leaders — you are leaders today. And you are all making a difference each and every day. 

Thank you for your service and your dedication to making your community and world a better place.

Signature of Michelle Study-Campbell

Michelle Study-Campbell

Kiwanis Youth Programs Executive Director