Prepare your club officers to lead. Meet with them before they guide members through service project tasks or use the “K-Kids Service Guide” to facilitate activities. 

Follow these four steps when you meet with officers, using the “Planning a donation drive” example on pages 20-21 in the “K-Kids Service Guide.” For this activity, preparation time is about 20 minutes. 

  1. Review the activity together. Ask officers to decide whether they will plan a donation drive or a donation event. This will determine which part of the worksheet on page 21 members will complete during the meeting. 
  2. Discuss who will lead the activity (this is often the club president) and how other officers can assist. For this activity, who will hand out worksheets and who will write on the whiteboard? 
  3. Gather any supplies you’ll need. In this case, the club will need copies of the Donation Drive Plan worksheet for all members and a collection of pencils and dry erase markers. 
  4. Do a run-through of the activity with the officers. Let them read the activity instructions aloud and figure out how to set up the meeting room if the activity requires it. For this activity, officers should read the instructions and key questions on the Donation Drive or Donation Event worksheet aloud (just as they will read to members when they give instructions during the club meeting). 

 Remember to allow a little time after the membership drive/event to discuss how officers felt and what they learned (such as what went well and what they would change). Finally, note that some activities may also be led by committee chairs. You can use the same four steps above to prepare chairs to facilitate meetings with their committees.