Rick Fox has perseverance, and he’s using this skill to form a new K-Kids club. Fox is the secretary of the Kirtland Kiwanis Club in Kirtland, Ohio, U.S., and immediate past lieutenant governor (2022-23) of the Ohio District. He’s now teaming up with the Kirtland High School Key Club.  

“With Key Club’s help, we have greatly expedited [the K-Kids club’s] formation due to the [Key Club] members’ enthusiasm and positivity in presenting to the elementary school principal, the superintendent and faculty advisors,” Fox says. “Their involvement will be a tremendous help in relating to the faculty advisor and, more importantly, to the members who will be a part of this great club.” 

Teaching the students leadership, volunteerism and service at such a formative age, with the help of the older students, will expand the impact this club can have on its school and the community.”

Fox says the collaboration is a great way for his Kiwanis club to expand its impact in the community. And in the Kiwanis Ohio District, the time is right. 

“It’s only logical for our club to have service clubs in all three levels of our schools,” he says. “We know that a K-Kids member can advance over time through the Service Leadership Programs system, with the hope of being a future Kiwanian when the time is right.  

“Also, [Ohio District Governor] Jason Miller has emphasized that his time as our leader this year will be dedicated to the Service Leadership Programs, so I feel this fits in nicely with our long-term strategy to advance the reach of not only our home club, but of Kiwanis in general.” 

The proposed start date for the K-Kids club is January 1, 2024. Fox also has plans to form a Circle K International club. 

TIPS: How can you form a K-Kids club? Here are some frequently asked questions: 

  1. How many members are needed to start a K-Kids club? There is not a set minimum number of members, but Kiwanis International recommends that 15 or more students is a good, strong start. 
  2. How much time do K-Kids clubs take? Frequency and length of club meeting vary. Many clubs meet weekly, twice a month or monthly, though club officers meet with advisors, and committees also can meet outside of full club meetings. Frequency is based on availability of the faculty advisor, time in the facility schedule and members’ availability. Meetings can be 30 minutes to two hours in length, depending on the schedule and the tasks to be completed.  
  3. Where can I find information about how to charter a K-Kids club? Appoint a faculty advisor to the club and ensure they receive adequate orientation/training.  

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