Get club members excited as you get a jump start on the next K-Kids year! Holding officer elections before the year’s end gives outgoing officers the opportunity to pass on leadership tips, insights and advice to incoming officers. This is particularly important for graduating officers. 

Follow these club officer election steps from the K-Kids Advisor Guide to get everyone excited about electing the next group of club leaders.  

At the meeting prior to holding elections:  

  • Review the K-Kids Officer Guides and share the role and responsibilities of each club officer, highlighting the strengths someone needs to be successful at each role. Ask current club officers to talk about their role and what they most enjoyed.  
  • Ask club members if they are interested in running for an officer position or would like to nominate someone. 
  • Encourage club members interested in running for a position to prepare a three-to-four-minute speech that shares why they’d like to serve in this role. Explain that the speech will be given at the next meeting when elections will be held.  

At the meeting to hold elections:  

  • Briefly review each officer’s role again.  
  • Have each candidate speak for three-to-four-minutes sharing why they want to be a club officer.  
  • Ask club members to vote for officers by ballot using a piece of paper. The names of candidates can be printed on a sheet of paper for easy voting, or members can write the first name of who they want for each office.  
  • Tally the votes and announce the winners.  

Install new club officers: 

During one of the club’s last meetings, hold a celebration to induct new club officers and schedule next year’s “IDEA Service Plan Meeting.” This is also a perfect time to recognize retiring officers for a job well done. A helpful officer installation script can be found in the K-Kids Advisor Guide 

Training club officers: 

The club is in an advantageous position when retiring club officers are still available to help new club officers learn their roles. Retiring club officers should pass on any resources, such as binders, electronic folders, etc., that will help the new officer learn about their role. 

Review additional club officer training resources here.