The K-Kids website provides multiple resources to help your members learn about how to prevent bullying and cyberbullying and what to do if they are being bullied. Consider using the Anti-Bullying, Culture of Care Meeting Kit that explains how to run a meeting focused on the topic. As part of that kit, members watch a Cyberbullying TED Talk with elementary school student Vincent Parsons. Parsons advises kids who are being cyberbullied to follow three simple steps: 

  1. Copy the message.
  2. Block the user on social media and cell phone.
  3. Report the harassing message to authorities (such as teachers and the police).

You can also explore the extensive tools on the Bullying Prevention Resources page and at to determine if your members want to do a bullying/cyberbullying service project to educate students at your school or organization or build a more caring culture by focusing on happiness and kindness.