When Robbins Elementary decided to close its 20-year-old K-Kids club over two years ago, Becky Mattson reached out to the club’s long-time partner, Chippewa Valley Museum. The club had carried out many service projects there, and even held its annual leadership training on the site. So when Becky sought to help find a way for K-Kids to continue benefiting local students, the museum’s leaders were a logical resource.  

In fact, that established connection led to a unique result: With the help of Karen Jacobson, a museum educator, the museum’s board approved the chartering of a new K-Kids club at the museum itself. 

Now the district administrator, Mattson has worn many hats for the Kiwanis family — including service as a K-Kids club advisor for 20 years. A retired elementary school teacher, Becky also serves as the Kiwanis advisor for the Eau Claire K-Kids Club, which is sponsored through a partnership between the Chippewa Valley Museum and the Kiwanis Club of Eau Claire. 

Drawing kids who were former leaders in the closed Robbins Elementary K-Kids club, the museum-based club has now run for two years and is starting to see an influx of new members. One day, Becky hopes, they will come from all 13 elementary schools in the school district.  

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