As we wrap up another year of school and service in many countries, let’s pause to celebrate the different ways that K-Kids members have contributed to their schools, their local communities and even other countries. Thank you to these K-Kids clubs for their service and inspiration!

  1. Weathersfield Elementary K-Kids in Thousand Oaks, California, U.S., sent 2,001 pencils to Develop Africa with the help of donations from students at their school. The organization will give good pencils to schoolchildren and grind used ones for cash to buy supplies. Develop Africa is an organization working to educate and support African children to lift themselves out of poverty.  
  2. Sea turtle specimens were brought to the Northside Elementary School K-Kids Club in Panama City, Florida, U.S., by Turtle Watch, a Panama City Beach organization that observes, protects and collects data on sea turtles. Students got a close-up view of the turtles and learned about conservancy (a theme in their school science curriculum). The club has committed to adopting a nest through Turtle Watch next year. 
  3. Berkeley Lake Elementary School K-Kids in Duluth, Georgia, U.S., helped advocate for kindness through the schoolwide initiative “No Place for Hate” by making videos to share on their school network. 
  4. Lanciano Primary School K-Kids in Chieti, Italy, organized and led activities to raise awareness about cyber bullying during the school’s Day Against Bullying & Cyber Bullying. Their educational advocacy activities included holding online classes and creating a digital spot to model good online behaviors. 
  5. At Stephen Dillet Primary School in the Bahamas, K-Kids members realized that, following the pandemic, many families lacked basic needs such as food and toiletries. To help, the K-Kids club held monthly grocery giveaways for families of students at the school with these needs.