Holidays and school breaks are wonderful times for students to continue building their habit of service. Encourage them to celebrate — and serve — with family and friends by sharing these 10 ideas:

  1. Invite a grandparent, aunt, uncle or favorite family member to do service with you.
  2. Contact an assisted living facility to arrange a time for a group of students or friends to visit and play games, sing or do a musical performance.
  3. Bake a treat for your mail carrier or trash collectors.
  4. Shovel a snowy driveway and sidewalk for a neighbor.
  5. Bring coffee or tea to a teacher, coach or counselor at school.
  6. Create and decorate small bags with packets of powdered laundry detergent and coins and deliver them to a local laundromat.
  7. Make fleece blankets and donate them to a shelter or distribute them with a parent or guardian to people.
  8. Find a local nonprofit organization where you can sponsor a family or child for the holidays, shop for them and wrap and deliver their gifts.
  9. Contact the local zoo or animal shelter to find out what’s on their wish list (toys, towels, food, etc.) and make or buy the items to donate.
  10. Raise money for an organization and cause by selling homemade cards or ornaments.

Warm wishes to you and your students as you spend time with family and friends, celebrating the holidays that are meaningful to you!