K-Kids Meeting Kits

Welcome to the 2023-24 K-Kids year!

K-Kids clubs are dedicated to service. And this year is no different. No matter how your club is meeting, we have resources to help you continue to gather safely, grow, learn and lead.

K-Kids club meeting kits are ready-made resources that include agendas with links to short videos, discussion questions, resources and service project ideas. Use the entire kit for guidance on how to run a meeting and explore the kit’s resources, service projects, icebreaker activities and more. Or pick out your favorite themes, activities or videos to inspire your club to serve your school and community.

Meeting kits guide

Meeting kits

Club Operations

Plan important club events and regular club operations such as electing club officers, reviewing service, planning for the next K-Kids year and celebrating the year.

Community Engagement

Assess your community and school’s biggest needs, join with school and community organizations to serve, create ideas to enhance a culture of care, show thankfulness and gratitude, plan a school kindness campaign and learn the importance of mental health.

Civic Engagement

Discover ways to serve beyond your local community with agendas and resources centered around voting and government, global health challenges and hunger and food insecurity.

Kiwanis Service Leadership Programs offer resources to keep members safe when meeting online. Please review the youth protection virtual meeting resources prior to hosting online meetings. If you have ideas for future meeting kits or questions, contact us at .

Suggest new kits and give us feedback!