K-Kids Meeting Kit

Happy New Year of Service

1. Welcome  

a. Introductions.

i. Introduce officers.

ii. Introduce advisor.

iii. Introduce guests.

b. Icebreakers — Check out these ideas to kick off the meeting.

2. Old business — Reports on 2021 club projects.

a. Receive reports from members on current projects. Visit the K-Kids meeting kits to review projects or for project ideas.

b. Discuss these topics with your club:

i. What did we learn from the projects?

ii. What worked well?

iii. What can we improve on our next project?

iv. What new partnerships did we develop?

v. What needs to be finished with any of the projects?

vi. Assign members to complete unfinished project tasks. Remember to create thank you notes for people in your school and community.

c. Reflect on these questions about the club’s service:

i. Can we quantify the impact of our club’s first-semester work?

ii. How many hours did our club serve?

iii. How many people did our club’s work impact?

d. Share your club’s projects and the impact you’ve made with us and other K-Kids clubs by using #KKidsMeets on social media.

3. New business   

a. Before the meeting, have club officers review the community assessment that our club completed at the start of the semester. Post that information so all members can see what was discussed during the school year to date.

i. What specific projects that the club wanted to focus on in 2021-22 have not yet been addressed?

ii. If the club did not complete a community assessment, visit the Back to School and Community Needs meeting kits

b. Begin planning for the rest of the school year and ask the club: Which projects should your club focus on at this time?

4. Home project

a. Review assignments for the completion of current projects.

b. Review assignments for projects for the remainder of the school year.

c. Allow time for committees to plan meetings.

5. Adjournment 

a. Thank everyone for their participation, especially the guests.

b. Give details about the next meeting.

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Download a PDF of this kit.