Kiwanis club leaders: K-Kids needs your help!

The Challenge: While the past two school years have impacted all of us in unique and profound ways, we recognize that schools’ faculty and staff have faced especially tough challenges. At Kiwanis International, we appreciate the work that Kiwanis clubs do to support them — and we’re committed to helping you support them again during this crucial school year.

We particularly value the members who serve as Kiwanis advisors to K-Kids clubs. We look forward to an energized year of service in the 2021-22 school year.

Kiwanis Club support of K-Kids
A K-Kids club is more successful when it’s sponsored by a local Kiwanis club. In each Kiwanis club that takes on the responsibilities of sponsorship, the incoming Kiwanis club should:

  • Identify an individual or a committee to become the Kiwanis advisor(s). Have the club secretary enter their name(s) in the club portal for background check verification. for background check verification.
  • Become familiar with our Youth Protection Guidelines and make sure the community advisor has fulfilled the background check requirement.
  • Maintain an expense line item in your budget and ensure all K-Kids club dues and fees are paid.
  • Ensure that K-Kids club officers receive proper training and help them and members attend training opportunities beyond the club level.
  • Build a relationship with the K-Kids club by attending its meetings and events, inviting its members to your meetings, and hosting or participating in joint activities.
  • Build a relationship with the school and/or host site. Schedule and attend regular meetings with school leaders or facility staff.

Kiwanis advisor to K-Kids
Your best resource is the complete advisor guide. Also, check out the advisor page of the K-Kids website for announcements about upcoming events. Thanks for your service!

Additional resources for programs and promotion:

Sample letter to school administrators 
Sample letter for recruiting faculty advisors 

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Homecoming Webinar Recording: “Sponsoring a Kiwanis Service Leadership Program: Who, how and why.” – Hear from the Kiwanis Youth Programs board on the responsibilities specific to sponsoring SLP clubs. In addition, Kiwanis leaders in the field share reasons that students and participants love SLP programs — and how these programs benefit communities. Kiwanis Youth Program board members Paul Palazzolo, George Cadman, Donna Parton, Alexis Langerak and Karin Church offer their perspective on sponsoring SLPs, and Sue Petrisin, Les King, Kip Crain and Craig Crawford discuss the role of SLP in schools.

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