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Chalk board with the words set goals.
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Setting goals

Set them up for success

Goal guidance

For some Terrific Kid participants, this may be their first experience with setting goals. Help them understand that setting SMART goals leads to success. Use this SMART goal presentation and worksheet to explain. Using this resource to assist students in establishing goals encourages peer mentoring and promotes development of important social and emotional skills

      SMART goals presentation

      Presentation notes - how to set goals with students 

      SMART goal worksheet

      Worksheet for setting goals 

Character coaching

Help students retain what they learn by introducing fun activities.

      Activities that teach good character

      Terrific Kids journal

Working with grades K through 3

Young children may not understand how to set and achieve goals.  Try the Terrific Kids with a twist concept with young students.  This concept can also be used for older students.

      Terrific Kids for grades K to 3

Progress tracking

Visually note each accomplishment using one or more of these tracking systems. Print and distribute Terrific Kids punch cards to students participating in the program. Every time a student learns a character trait punch a hole next to that character trait. It's a fun way of tracking progress.

     Terrific Kids punch cards: punch a hole next to each character trait as it is learned 

     Goal chart: post where everyone can check off their achievements