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Terrific Kids program kit.
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Not sure what to do? Let us help.

You simply want to make a difference in the lives of children. We want to make that simple to do. Let these resources take the work out of starting and running your Terrific Kids program.

Learn about Terrific Kids

         About Terrific Kids

         Terrific Kids presentation (PowerPoint)

Start a program

         Kiwanis Sponsorship Toolkit

Introducing the program to school staff


         Letter to principal from Kiwanis club

         Letter to principal from Circle K

         Letter to principal from Key Club


        Letter introducing the program to teachers

        What is Terrific Kids  (PowerPoint) 

        Goal tracking chart

        Memo to teachers

        Using mistakes as part of the learning process                

Introducing the program to students

         Student education (PowerPoint)

         Student education guide

Introducing the program to parents

         Printable Terrific Kids brochure

         Terrific Kids flier

         Letter to parents introducing the program

         Invitation to parents

         Tips for parents

         Educating parents (PowerPoint)

Approaching business sponsors

         Approaching business sponsors


        Goal tracking chart

        SMART goal worksheet

        Terrific Kids program guide       

         Kiwanis-family club checklist

         Teacher checklist

         Prinicipal checklist

         Presenting awards

        Setting goals



         Working with Key Club

         Working with Circle K

         Bully prevention resources

Promoting Terrific Kids

         Terrific Kids flier

         Terrific Kids printable brochure

         Terrific Kids news release

         Terrific Kids graphics