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How to help

Make an impact

As adults we have an opportunity to make a huge impact on young people. We can be a positive influence and model good character whenever young people are around us. According to the Search Institute, adults can increase the likelihood of a child’s success by helping them attain skills known as developmental assets, which provide a foundation for healthy development and choices.

Whether you are a Kiwanis Terrific Kids sponsor, a teacher, a neighbor or a business owner within the community, you can help the young people around you succeed by interacting with them in the following ways.

Positive interactions

        • Learn and use their names.

        • Ask for assistance with a project. 

        • Compliment students when they do nice things. 

        • Show genuine respect and expect it in return. 

        • Talk to young people about things you have in common. 

        • Listen actively when interacting. 

        • Talk about people you admire and why. 

        • Help young people with decision-making skills.

Want to do more?


Serving as a mentor is one way of ensuring the success of young people. You can do this through the Terrific Kids program or any of the Kiwanis Kids programs.


Become a business sponsor

If you don’t have time to volunteer but want to make an impact consider supporting a Terrific Kids program in your community. Learn about the benefits of sponsorship.

    Business sponsorship


Make a financial contribution which will provide program materials for the establishment of a Terrific Kids program in a school or community center.


Be unconventional 

Reaching out to youth sometimes means establishing programming in unconventional settings. Here are examples of places where young people would thrive as Terrific Kids participants.

        Home school

        After-school programs

        Community centers

        Boys and Girls Clubs