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Business sponsorship

Empower youth and promote your business

When you agree to sponsor one of the Kiwanis Kids programs you’re ensuring the success of the students involved and investing in the future of the students in your community.

Kiwanis Kids programs provide young people with important life skills known as developmental assets, which assist them in successfully navigating life’s challenges. Young people who attain these important life skills are less likely to participate in high-risk behaviors and more likely to thrive.

Kiwanis Kids programs support participants by: 

     • Providing caring mentors.

     • Offering opportunities to learn and develop new skills.

     • Emphasizing the importance of education and goal setting.

     • Assisting with development of personal character.

     • Nurturing a sense of self-worth and purpose.

How can business sponsors help?

Here are ways you can support K-Kids service clubs.

     • Donate items to fundraising events or service projects.

     • Donate funds to the club.

     • Offer the group use of your facility for special events.

     • Provide a place for the Kiwanis club and K-Kids club to meet.

     • Offer printing services at a discounted price or at no cost.

     • Donate food for special functions at a discounted price or no cost.

     K-Kids Service Club

Here are ways you can support Terrific Kids and Bring Up Grades recognition programs.

     • Donate food for events.

     • Provide food at a discounted price.

     • Donate funds for recognition items.

     • Provide store coupons.

     • Fund gift certificates from other stores.

      Terrific Kids

      Bring Up Grades

What’s in it for me?

     • Increased visibility.

     • Increased business.

     • Improved community image.

     • Knowledge that your business is investing in the future of youth.

Your business name could be recognized through school publications and events.

     • School yearbook.

     • School newsletters.

     • Letters sent home to parents.

     • News releases sent to local media.

     • Kiwanis bumper stickers.

     • School bulletin board.

     • Mentioned at school assemblies.

Contact your local Kiwanis club to learn how you can contribute to the successful establishment of a Kiwanis Kids program.

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