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Thank you for supporting and inspiring K-Kids members and advisors as a district administrator! You're an important part of the success of the program in your district. Below you’ll find resources that will help you succeed in your role.

Kiwanis International sign-in page (Kiwanis Connect)
Kiwanis Connect makes the sign on process simple, secure and streamlined. You'll be able to access all your Kiwanis information, reports and special applications in one place. Check out frequently asked questions to learn more about Kiwanis Connect.  

District administrator guide 
This guide contains information and suggestions on how to support your district. It includes a calendar, position description, how to run reports and more.

Monthly administrator e-newsletters
The third week of the month, Kiwanis International staff sends an E-newsletter to K-Kids International Administrators and club advisors. View past E-newsletters by using the links on this website page.

Club advisor contact information - Download reports in Microsoft Excel listing club Kiwanis and faculty advisor contact information. Login to Kiwanis Connect to access this information. Not sure how to log in to Kiwanis Connect, check out these frequently asked questions to help. 

Club status - Track club status, membership numbers and newly chartered clubs by reviewing these Kiwanis reports.  

Club building and Chartering information  
A district administrator’s role is to promote K-Kids to potential sponsoring Kiwanis clubs and to support those that take on this commitment. Promote the program to Kiwanis clubs by attending and hosting a booth or workshop at your Kiwanis district convention, mid-year conference and other meetings and conferences as appropriate. Support Kiwanis clubs that choose to sponsor by serving as the primary liaison between the K-Kids club and the Kiwanis district. For more information, review the Ambassadorship responsibilities in the district administrator guide. K-Kids Chartering information is available on the Kiwanis website.

Help clubs during the charter process by sending the to Start a Club web page and by providing a link to the K-Kids fillable member recruitment flier

Marketing resources

Check out all the helpful K-Kids Marketing Resources such as PowerPoint templates, presentations and videos. 

K-Kids program kits

Review what's offered in this year's K-Kids program kit. Look through all the resources and be in the know about what club advisors receive to help them guide club members. 

Annual club renewal fee 

Beginning October 1 the year after the K-Kids club is chartered, the sponsoring Kiwanis club will be billed for an annual renewal fee by Kiwanis International. After following the steps to complete the renewal process, the K-Kids club will receive a kit with resources for members. 
Kiwanis Youth Protection Guidelines
There are more than 300,000 members in Kiwanis youth programs. Their care and safety is entrusted to every Kiwanis club member. For Kiwanis to be the premier provider of youth service clubs and programs, we must hold ourselves and fellow members to the highest standards of conduct and awareness. Review the Youth Protection Guidelines and education course by following instructions at Encourage your district's advisors to complete the training each year.

K-Kids district administrators are eligible to receive a reimbursement of up to $50 per chartered K-Kids club from Kiwanis International. This reimbursement is intended to support the work of district administrators and to strengthen clubs within the district. You are eligible to receive reimbursement for anything associated with promotion or support of the K-Kids program. To complete a request, submit a copy of all receipts (including a driving directions log of mileage) and complete the reimbursement form following the instructions on the form. If you have questions contact 

Resources from current and past administrator conferences

Annual training for new and returning district administrators of all SLP programs (K-Kids, Builders Club, Key Club, Circle K and Aktion Club) will take place virtually this year. Visit this online folder where you'll find resources from current and past conferences.

Private Facebook group for district administrators
This group is an online place for active district administrators of K-Kids and Builders Club to network, share ideas and ask questions. Request to join if you are an active K-Kids district administrator and haven't already.

Annual contests and awards 
Clubs and individual members have an opportunity to heighten their leadership experience - while adding more fun to the year by participating in contests. Refer to for categories, deadlines and recognition opportunities.  

Monthly advisor e-newsletters
From August to May, Kiwanis International publishes a monthly e-newsletter for all active K-Kids Kiwanis and faculty advisors. In these emails, an advisor will receive updates, tips, activity ideas, and resources. Administrators also receive a copy. You can review copies of the administrator's E-newsletters on this web page. 

Follow K-Kids on social media
Get the latest news and connect with other clubs worldwide on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

K-Kids education courses for advisors
To help you strengthen clubs in your district, Kiwanis International has published interactive advisor education courses for advisors to better understand their role, and learn how to further develop the leadership skills of members. Encourage advisors to access these resources by logging into the Kiwanis online reporting system

and selecting the SLP Education tab. There are no limits to the number of times an advisor can review a course. Review the list of courses and course descriptions by visiting District administrators may also review these courses by logging into the Kiwanis online reporting system and selecting the SLP Education tab.

Virtual Leadership Training for advisors

Key Leader helps you take your leadership skills to the next level. Our program empowers students and adults to become more caring and confident servant leaders. Through team-building activities, group discussions and personal reflection, you'll discover your values, how you relate to others and how you can collaborate, lead and problem-solve to achieve more for yourself, your schools and your communities. Check out Virtual key Leader.

Webinars - Administrator Training

October 14, 2020

K-Kids Administrator Training - 5 p.m. EDT

K-Kids Administrator Training - 8 p.m. EDT

Need additional assistance?

If you have questions or need additional assistance contact Lisa Pyron. 

Phone: 1-317-317-217-6168