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Everyone associated with a K-Kids club -- advisors, members, sponsoring club members -- has a role with responsibilities. K-Kids clubs have governing documents and policies in place so that everyone involved with the club will know what's expected of them, what processes to follow and who to approach with questions.  

Governing documents

Guidelines describing how the club should conduct business.

    Kids Bylaws

    Parliamentary procedure

    K-Kids board policy (coming soon)


Responsibilities of the Kiwanis club to the K-Kids club.

    Kiwanis club


Responsibilities of the co-sponsoring Kiwanis-family club to the K-Kids club.

    Key Club

    Circle K

Volunteer conduct

Guidelines volunteers need to follow when working with youth.

    Youth Protection Guidelines

Club advisor

Responsibilities of the K-Kids club advisor to the K-Kids club members and sponsoring Kiwanis club members.

    K-Kids club advisor guide