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Club leaders

Each K-Kids is led by a student board. The club president, club vice president, club secretary, club treasurer and sergeant-at-arms sit on the board. In some cases, one or more of these offices may be combined or additional positions can be developed.

Club officers


  • Sets and monitors the goals of the club
  • Runs club meetings
  • Appoints committee chairmen
  • Delegates tasks as necessary
  • Takes the lead in helping the club develop projects

Vice President
  • Serves the president, other club officers, committees and the general membership
  • Learns and helps with the duties of the president in order to fill in or take over as necessary
  • Takes minutes at meetings
  • Keeps records
  • Maintains all important files for the club
  • Collects reports from the committees’ chairpersons
  • Monitors the club’s money
  • Helps prepare and maintain the club budget
  • Reports to the board at each meeting on the status of the club treasury
  • Maintains order at meetings and makes sure everyone has a chance to talk
  • Serves as the club’s expert on parliamentary procedure