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The call to lead

K-Kids can help young people answer their call to lead. Every person has leadership potential, and service clubs provide a forum for young leaders to unlock theirs. Someone with a call to lead will decide to step forward when the easier choice might have been to stand still. The service club experience at a young age can help students accept their own identity as a leader, enhance their knowledge of how to be a leader who is others-centered, and develop their ability to move an idea into purposeful action. 

What do K-Kids members who have a call to lead look like? You'll notice members: 

  • Show an increased willingness to step forward to volunteer. 
  • Display humility when entrusted with leadership positions. 
  • Gain energy by solving problems and addressing big issues. 
  • Steadily increase their involvement. 
  • Say, "I am a leader". 

How can you help members answer the call to lead?

  • Provide training to elected leaders on not just the technical aspects, but on the soft skills of listening, recognizing and empowering. 
  • Praise and recognize members who lead with humility and/or display leadership that is others-centered. 
  • Pay attention and show appreciation to members who contribute more than before. 
  • Talk about leaders and leadership in terms of something all members have the capacity for, not just officers.
  • Make sure the club's operations and decisions are student led.