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About Bring Up Grades

What is Bring Up Grades?

Bring Up Grades or BUG is a program designed to provide recognition to students who raise their grades into an acceptable range and maintain or continue to raise them from one grading period to the next. Recognition includes being placed on the school’s BUG Honor Roll; a pizza, ice cream or other food-themed party; and presentation of certificates and buttons.

Who sponsors the program?

A Kiwanis-family club sponsors the program at the school and provides financial support and adult and youth mentors. 

Can community businesses provide program support?

Yes, there are opportunities for local businesses to be involved. The Kiwanis-family club will establish partnerships with local businesses to secure support for the program. Sponsoring businesses have the option of providing coupons, giveaways or food for Bring Up Grades recognition events. In return, the business is promoted in Bring Up Grades and school materials shared with students and parents.

     Business sponsorship

How does the program benefit students?

Students are empowered to participate in their own academic success, which builds self-confidence, perseverance and character. They attain important life skills known as developmental assets, that help them make smart choices. According to the Search Institute, an organization focused on helping youth succeed, the more developmental assets a student attains the less likely he or she is to participate in risky behavior and the more likely he or she is to succeed. Students also develop important social and emotional skills.

How does the program benefit the school and school staff?

Students take an active role in determining their involvement in the program, which motivates them to achieve. Students participate in peer mentoring and become servant leaders, which helps everyone in the classroom succeed. Parental involvement is encouraged through participation at Bring Up Grades recognition events.

Learn how the Centennial Elementary School in Edmond, Oklahoma uses the BUG program. 

Can the program be used in a community center?

Yes, the Bring Up Grades program can be adapted for use in community centers or other youth-serving organizations, such as Boys and Girls Clubs. When used in this setting, a staff member serves in the teacher's role and works with participants to set academic goals and monitor achievements. Participants are asked to share their report cards to confirm success. Bring Up Grades is a wonderful addition to the Boys and Girls Club “Power Hour,” a comprehensive homework help and tutoring program.

Where do I start?

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