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K-Kids is a Kiwanis Service Leadership Program for primary/elementary school age students. Club members improve their schools and communities — an experience that helps them develop a passion to serve, a desire to lead and the ability to engage and collaborate with others.


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Why K-Kids?

K-Kids clubs are hosted in primary/elementary schools and organizations around the world. The clubs offer students, typically ages 6-11, opportunities to make friends, build skills, contribute through service and learn how to be leaders. Members’ service projects contribute to the community, increasing the visibility of the K-Kids club and the school or organization they represent.  

It’s student-led.
K-Kids is uniquely built on an important principle: Amazing things happen when students learn, engage, serve and lead. Together, club members and officers choose activities that interest them — with the guidance of advisors who empower their work. 

It’s age-appropriate.
The program and its resources offer experience designed specifically for primary and elementary school age students. 

It’s flexible.
No two clubs are alike. Each club determines its own meeting schedule, service projects and other activities. That way, it fits the needs of advisors and members—and serves the needs in its community. 

It’s supported by Kiwanis.
Adult Kiwanis volunteers and staff at the regional and international levels are available to support your club’s success. 

Why start a club?

Help your kid learn kindness

As a parent, you want your child to learn to be kind and to care for others. K-Kids offers experiences that develop strong social and emotional skills, helping students learn about themselves and serve others. And K-Kids is the first step in a service leadership journey with Kiwanis International, which offers Service Leadership Programs through high school and beyond.

Nurture a caring and inclusive school or organization

By helping members develop social and emotional skills — and helping them learn about themselves and their communities — K-Kids helps build a culture of caring and teamwork. K-Kids also helps schools and organizations contribute to their communities through service projects each year.

Kiwanis Terrific Kids

Terrific Kids recognizes students for modifying their behavior. Participants determine what being terrific means to them. Then they develop their own goals and use peer mentoring to hold themselves accountable. When they achieve their goal, they are honored for being a Terrific Kid.

Kiwanis B.U.G. Bring Up Grades

Bring Up Grades (BUG) recognizes primary/elementary school students who raise their grades or maintain good grades from one grading period to the next. Students are motivated to excel because they set their own goals and get peer mentoring. Classmates support their success. When they reach their goals, their class celebrates.