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Club meetings

Leading successful club meetings

Club governance

    Club bylaws

Electing club officers

    Electing club officers

The first club meeting of the year

    Ice breaker activities

    Printable ice breaker activities 

    Script to induct club officers and members

    K-Kids pledge

    Review K-Kids member handbook included in the member kit

    Print K-Kids bookmarksplace mats, stickers 

    What is K-Kids PowerPoint presentation

    Watch the K-Kids video 

    Project interview guide (club member homework)

Leading a board meeting

    Duties of the club board   

    Sample board meeting agenda    

    Parliamentary procedure

Leading a regular club meeting

    Sample club meeting agenda

    Guide to taking club meeting minutes

    Introducing mindful awarenss

    Parliamentary procedure

Club committees

    A guide to K-Kids committees

Planning service projects

    Assessing needs     

    How to plan a service project      

Fundraising projects

    How to plan a fundraising project  

Club reporting

     Reports and forms

End of year 

     End of year celebrations