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The Terrific Kids star.
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Grades K - 3

Terrific Kids with a twist! 

Create a chart listing the Terrific Kids character traits (Thoughtful, Enthusiastic, Respectful, Responsible, Inclusive, Friendly, Inquisitive and Capable) at the top of the chart and list student names to the left of the chart. Post the chart in the front of the room where everyone can see it. 

Each student is challenged with the goal of learning the Terrific Kids character traits in order to be recognized as a Terrific Kid. Students can focus on learning a character trait each month and focus on conducting an activity related to that character trait each week.

Examples of weekly activities: 

  • Week 1: Talk about and define the character trait.
  • Week 2:  Read a book about the character trait.
  • Week 3:  Write a story about how someone might demonstrate this character trait.
  • Week 4:  Draw a picture of someone demonstrating this character trait.

Review one character trait each month. A star is placed next to each character trait as the student learns about the trait. After stars are next to all the character traits listed next to the student's name, the student is honored as a Terrific Kid. 

Conducting the program this way ensures that young students understand what is expected to be recognized as a Terrific Kid. Students practice good character within the classroom and help one another achieve the goal of learning all the Terrific Kids character traits. The bond between students within the classroom becomes stronger and therefore students support and care for one another.

No hurt feelings

The goal of the Terrific Kids program is to promote character development, positive self-esteem and perseverance. Implementing the program as described ensures that students have a positive experience. If the program is altered and students do not understand what Terrific represents and how to achieve recognition, hurt feelings result.

Helpful resources

Use the following resources to educate adults and students about the Terrific Kids program. 

     Introducing the program

     Setting goals

     Presenting awards 

     Teachable moments