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Tutoring ideas

What you can do

Establish a tutoring hour

Work with the classroom teacher to establish a time 1 to 2 times a week when Kiwanis-family volunteers come to class and tutor students. This might mean reading a book with a group and helping them answer questions at the end of the chapter, helping a student organize thoughts to write a paper, or simply reading aloud to students.

If your club doesn’t have enough members to meet a commitment like this contact your local Key Club or Circle K club. These Kiwanis-family members enjoy working with elementary students.

Help kids learn study skills

Work together with Key Club and Circle K members to develop a program for elementary students that focuses on organizational and study skills. Knowing how to get organized and study is one of the key components of raising grades.

Other things you can do:

  • Organize a book swap. Students donate gently used books, receive a ticket and turn in the ticket to select a different book.
  • Orgazine a book drive and collect gently used books to donate to the school library.
  • Organize a book club. Students read a chapter a week and you meet with the group once a week to discuss the chapter. A great book to use for this is:  Start Something – You Can Make a Difference, by Earl Woods, father of the pro golf player Tiger Woods.