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Mentoring ideas

What you can do

K-Kids members

  • Train club officers and members; use the K-Kids educational PowerPoint presentation.
  • Assist with K-Kids service projects. Attend a club meeting and give a presentation about something the kids want to learn.
  • Lead a discussion group about the Terrific Kids character traits.

Terrific Kids participants

  • Educate participants by using the Terrific Kids educational PowerPoint presentation.
  • Help students start a Terrific Kids Journal about using the Terrific Kids character traits.
  • Encourage students to read books about character and follow up with discussion.
  • Help students organize a character-educational campaign to educate others about the importance of good character. Make posters and announcements.

Bring Up Grades participants

  • Educate participants by using the Bring Up Grades educational PowerPoint presentation.
  • Conduct an educational session on how to study effectively.
  • Organize students in study groups and recruit peer mentors (older students) to help.
  • Participate in tutoring for students struggling in a specific area.