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A girl frustrated with homework.
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Fail and learn

Help students learn from failure

Failure is a part of life. Students need to learn that we gain as much, if not more knowledge from failing as we do from achieving success. If a student is unable to bring up a grade in a subject help the student evaluate what happened. Encourage the student to talk to his or her teacher and learn what can be done differently to reach his or her goal of improving.

Helpful tips you can share with students

  • It’s OK to ask questions. This helps us understand information.
  • It’s OK to make a mistake, just make needed corrections and move forward.
  • Take a break from homework if you become frustrated or mad. Come back to it after calming down.
  • Always eat lunch so your brain receives the fuel it needs to be effective.
  • Stop thinking, “I can’t do this, I’m not smart enough.” Replace these thoughts with, “I can do this, I am smart enough.”
  • Picture yourself solving the problem, or finishing the assignment.