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Home schools

Empowering home-schooled students

Kiwanis Kids programs can be used in the home-school environment.

Each of the programs assist youth in attaining important developmental assets, or life skills, which prepare them to deal with life’s challenges. Learn more about developmental assets and their impact on youth.

K-Kids is a service club sponsored by a Kiwanis club. Fifteen or more students meet weekly or bi-weekly to conduct club meetings with the support of a Kiwanis club advisor. Members elect officers, identify community needs, plan service and fundraising projects, and develop leadership skills. Club meetings can be scheduled in conjunction with home school co-op activities. K-Kids clubs also work well as part of a virtual home school cooperative experience.

What is a K-Kids club meeting like?

     Sample club meeting agenda

     Parliamentary procedure

     Suggested projects

     K-Kids Service Initiative

     A day in the life of a K-Kids club

     What is service leadership

What is Terrific Kids?

Terrific Kids is a character-education program that focuses on establishing and achieving goals connected to one of the Terrific Kids character traits. Participants are actively involved in setting and achieving goals, so they’re engaged. Students compete against their own personal best, not others. They learn to persevere and when confronted with failure, to reflect, adjust and try again. This program can be used by a home schooling co-op or within the home to encourage positive behavior.

     Terrific Kids character traits

     Terrific Kids PowerPoint presentation

     Terrific Kids program guide

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What is Bring Up Grades?

Bring Up Grades is an academic-achievement program that focuses on establishing a goal to improve in one subject, while maintaining other grades. Participants are actively involved in identifying which area of study needs attention. Students attending a home school co-op assist one another in achieving goals. Peer mentoring is encouraged and participants thrive. 

     Bring Up Grades

     Bring Up Grades PowerPoint presentation

     Bring Up Grades program guide

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