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Why establish a program?

The Kiwanis kids program opens avenues of service and development to elementary-school children around the world. In more than 1,200 K-Kids clubs, children learn the value of helping others, the importance of teamwork and the benefits of leadership. Meanwhile, Bring Up Grades and Terrific Kids help children reach personal goals-and enjoy the thrill of individual achievement. We hope you’ll play a part.

How does the program benefit the school?

  • A Kiwanis club sponsors the program providing volunteers, program materials and financial support.
  • The school builds community partnerships as a result of the Kiwanis network of volunteers with community connections.
  • The Kiwanis club provides additional volunteers available to assist with PTO/PTA fundraising events or other school activities.
  • Establishing a program at the school increases parent involvement.
  • Programming encourages an all-inclusive, bully-free school environment. Students learn about and model good character, which positively impacts everyone.

How does the program benefit the students?

  • Students attain important life skills known as developmental assets, which better prepare them to deal with challenges and avoid risky behavior.
  • Students develop social and emotional skills. This skill set allows children to calm themselves when angry, initiate friendships, resolve relationship conflicts respectfully, and make ethical and safe choices.
  • Students are active participants in their own success, so they’re more engaged in learning.
  • Students connect with mentors and learn about and practice peer mentoring.   

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