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K-Kids' mission is to teach children leadership through service. Planning and taking part in service projects is a great way for club members to gain leadership skills and make a difference in the community. There are service needs all around your community and even in local schools or organizations. A great goal is to plan projects that cover these three categories:

  • Hands-on service: Members roll up their sleeves and provide direct service within the community.
  • Fundraising and philanthropy: Members raise money for an organization or cause.
  • Awareness-building: Members make others aware of an issue and encourage them to take action.

To develop the best service project for your school and community, use the IDEA Toolkit. Written specifically for club officers, the toolkit guides members through planning and executing a service project of their choosing - from beginning to end. IDEA is comprised of four steps:

      1. Identify the need
      2. Develop the passion
      3. Execute the project
      4. Advance the impact

Each step contains instructions, handouts and tools for club officers. Club advisors should read and review the toolkit with officers - and then act as a resource along the way. There is no set timeline for using the IDEA Toolkit. We understand that every K-Kids club is different. Each club should use the IDEA Toolkit as it sees fit and make adaptations when necessary. In fact, advisors and club officers should review the toolkit together before getting started. If advisors aren't sure an activity would be approved, it is their responsibility to check with the proper authorities.

Other service project ideas

For more ideas for service K-Kids clubs do annually around the world, check out Kiwanis One Day, K-Kids Week, and Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF