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Connecting with parent teacher groups

What to do

Set up a meeting

  • Talk to the school principal and request contact information for the PTO/PTA president.
  • Contact the PTO/PTA president and ask if the K-Kids club can provide refreshments for the next meeting and give a quick presentation.
  • Visit the PTO/PTA website to learn more about the organization so you know what to expect at the meeting.

                 PTO (Parent Teacher Organization)

                 PTA  (Parent Teacher Association)

Prepare for the presentation

  • Order free K-Kids brochures from Kiwanis International.
  • Download the Educate K-Kids parents Presentation. Save this on a thumb drive.
  • Secure a screen, projector and laptop to share the PowerPoint presentation.
  • If audiovisual is not available, print the presentation and use it as a speech guide.
  • Take the K-Kids banner to display at the meeting.
  • Practice your presentation.
  • Purchase or bake items to provide as refreshments at the meeting.

The day of the presentation

  •  Arrive at the PTO/PTA meeting location early and set up a refreshment table. 
  • Lay K-Kids brochures on chairs or on the refreshment table.
  • Display the K-Kids banner in front of the room.
  • Set up equipment and test it to make sure your PowerPoint displays.
  • If you’re not using audiovisual equipment, consider posting points on an easel or poster board in front of the room.

Key points to cover

  • Explain the K-Kids program.
  • Provide information about Kiwanis and how a Kiwanis club sponsors the K-Kids club.
  • Explain that K-Kids members and Kiwanis volunteers are available to help the PTO/PTA with fundraising and service projects.
  • Provide information about when and where the K-Kids club meets as well as club advisor contact information.
  • Ask PTO/PTA members how K-Kids club members can be of assistance with future projects.

Follow up

  • Send a note thanking the PTO/PTA president for allowing you to attend the meeting.
  • Invite PTO/PTA members to the club’s first service project.
  • If your K-Kids club produces a newsletter, send a copy to the PTO/PTA president every month.
  • Post thank-you messages to the PTO/PTA on the K-Kids bulletin board.