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Help your child succeed

A parent’s guide

K-Kids members develop important life skills

What promotes healthy, active, and content kids? The Search Institute, a nonprofit organization in Minneapolis, Minnesota, conducted research to answer this question. Young people who attain a series of building blocks known as “developmental assets” have an advantage in becoming healthy, caring and responsible people. There are external and internal developmental assets.

External assets focus on the positive experiences young people receive from the people and institutions in their lives.

Internal assets focus on the need for young people to make responsible decisions about the present and future. 

Involvement in the K-Kids program provides students with many opportunities to attain these important life skills.

Here are ways parents and other caring adults can help.

  • Engage kids in meaningful conversations.
  • Learn their names and use them.
  • Reward positive behavior.
  • Seek their opinions.
  • Provide service opportunities so kids can participate.
  • Serve as a role model, giving to and serving others.
  • Play sports and involve kids in art and craft projects.
  • Encourage kids to take school seriously.
  • Teach the values of honesty, equality, and responsibility.
  • Teach kids to respect the values of different races and cultures.
  • Help kids think through good and band consequences of their decisions.
  • Actively encourage kids to share and pass down family traditions.

Consider participating in Kiwanis activities with your child.

     K-Kids service projects

     Kiwanis One Day

     Kiwanis Read Around the World  

Stay in the know about what’s happening during the K-Kids year. 
     K-Kids calendar

     K-Kids Zone magazines

     K-Kids contests

     What is Kiwanis?

Ask your child to share about his/her community service experience.

      How to reflect

Learn more about what you can do to help your child succeed at Additional resources are available on the Search Institute's families page.