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What kids need to know

What's BUG about? 

Talk to kids about a new topic and generally they are full of questions. Get the basics about BUG from this Bring Up Grades presentation, which should answer these and other questions you may have.

What is Bring Up Grades? What is Kiwanis? How will the program help me? What am I expected to do? What happens when I Bring Up Grades? What happens if I don’t reach my goal and receive an award? Will I have help achieving my goals of increasing one or more grades?

    Bring Up Grades PowerPoint presentation

Developing good study habits

We all need a little guidance to change bad habits and start good ones. Here's a tool to help you practice good study habits. Use these suggestions daily and see what a difference it makes. 

    How to study    

    The Happy Book

    BUG biographies and learning styles

Defining and setting goals

Understanding why and how to set goals is a key element to success in the BUG program. Explain the process of identifying a SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely) goal.

    Help kids set goals

    Setting SMART goals

Connecting with Kiwanis family

Bring Up Grades is one of many Kiwanis-sponsored programs. Are you curious about Kiwanis volunteers and what else they do? Take a few minutes to visit the Kiwanis-family websites to learn about each of these groups.

    Kiwanis family